Imran Liyakhath Ali Khan Multidisciplinary Artist

Multidisciplinary Artist Based In India.

An artist and his/her artwork are like mirrors facing one another. They conjure an endless relay of their own surfaces, of illusory space, and of images and impressions. My quest as an artist has over the years evolved towards understanding and exploring the endless relaying and overlapping of surfaces in the world, and the tensions that arise in drawing boundaries between them.

I believe that as an artist, feeling space is more interesting and important than filling or occupying space. My artworks emerge from such a relationship to sites and spaces. I am keen to extend my site-specific explorations to another, entirely new context. I believe it will expand my horizons in working with materials, places and histories.

  • Installation
  • Site Specific
  • Sculptures
  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Print Making
  • Ceramics
  • Photography



Dubai, UAE

2015 - 2018

ILAK. Space
Guntur, India


Site Art Space
Baroda, India


Baroda, India

2012 - 2013

Space Studio
Baroda, India

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